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btc interest deposit service, a provider of crypto-wallets and services, plans to launch interest-bearing accounts that allow you to earn on deposits in cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2011, is best known as a cryptocurrency wallet service provider. According to the site, 28% of all MTC transactions in 2020 took place in wallets. has now announced its plan to expand its product line.

Initially, the new service will support deposits in bitcoin, offering up to 4.5% per annum. The team is also working on adding other assets, such as ETH and USDT. The firm emphasized that users in the United States, Canada and Japan would not be able to access the new service after it was launched.

Note that the recently launched retail lending business, which allows you to borrow a stable coin tied to the US dollar for bitcoins, will soon become available to customers from the United States and will provide support for new crypto assets.

Blockchain wallet recently added USDT and ALGO to the list of supported assets.

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